Little Joy - Evaporar lyrics (translation)


we have time
as we give it
run the race
whatever it takes

we give time
as we have it
it costs what runs
it runs what costs

the time i lost
only now i know
learn to give
was what i earned

and i still look for
have that time 
to not run 
and it find me 

to not move
hummingbird in the air

the river stays there 
the water is what has gone 
arrives in the tide
it turns into sea 

as if to die 
is the same as to recede 
spill in the sky
leave behind
salts and minerals

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when you want to have a conversation with someone but theres nothing to talk about 


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To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves. Federico Garcia Lorca (via tiedtotheoceans)
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Tenía frío y no pedía fuego, tenía terrible sed y no pedía agua: pedía libros, es decir, horizontes, es decir, escaleras para subir la cumbre del espíritu y del corazón. Porque la agonía física, biológica, natural, de un cuerpo por hambre, sed o frío, dura poco, muy poco, pero la agonía del alma insatisfecha dura toda la vida. Federico García Lorca (via lenguadelalma)
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